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Undeclared Student Success

What We Do

The Undeclared Student Success Office oversees Undeclared student retention and student progress toward successfully declaring a major. To further support undeclared student major exploration, we partner with the Interdisciplinary Studies in Three Departments Major, Major departments, College Success Centers, Career Services, the Undeclared College Council, and other partners. To help Undeclared students intentionally explore potential majors, undeclared students are encouraged to:

  • Focus on their strengths and interests
  • Explore majors through completing pre-major courses which also satisfy General Education (GE) requirements
  • Utilize the Self-Discovery resources at Career Services.
  • Enroll in General Studies 150 - which provides a structured setting for self-discovery and major exploration

Coordinated Care Advisors provide first and second year Undeclared advising.

The Undeclared Student Success office monitors student progress into a major and communicates with Undeclared students throughout the academic year, until students declare. 

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