The Office for Undeclared Students supports student success by partnering with faculty and staff across campus to help undeclared students explore and engage in their educational and personal purpose. During their first year, all undeclared students should:

For undeclared drop-in advising information, see the calendar at the bottom of this page. Some appointment slots are available on Fridays (the slots are made available one week in advance).

Undeclared email advising
please include your Red ID]

Important reminder: undeclared students must declare a major by the time they complete 70 units; otherwise, they will have a registration hold.

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Advising Calendar [use the links to find times and location]

Appointment slots will be available one week in advance. If no appointment slots are visible, that means they have all been filled for that day. Please include your Red ID in the description box after you select your appointment slot. Advising appointment link